Dekokast products are Manufactured by Unique Originals Inc. Over the past 40 years we have established ourselves as a pioneer in product development and manufacturing processes using high density resins for a wide range of industries. We also supply some of the largest faux panel distributors online. Our products are used all over the world to perfectly simulate the look of natural textures without the high cost and installation hassles of real stone. Our products can virtually be used anywhere natural stone, brick, and wood products are used.




The Classic Look Of Real Stone and Brick Has Never Been Easier


Authentic Textures for Unbelievable Realism


Our products are cast from real stone and are then finished by hand to achieve such an authentic feel


Seeing is believing so order your samples today!


Interlocking Components

For A Simple, Professional finish

Manufactured In The USA For Over 40 Years

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Only An Industry Leader Could Separate Themselves From The Pack Like We Do





 We Have Been Manufacturing And Supplying Faux Panels for Over 40 Years




  • • Textured Wall Panels Look and Feel Like Real Stone

  • Our panels are cast from molds that are hand made from real stone. This is a  process we have been perfecting for the past 40 years and it's what gives our panels such and authentic look and feel.

  • • Lightweight, Faux Panels are 75% lighter than real stone, Saves you on shipping Charges

  • Polyurethane panels can weigh up to 75% less than some stone. This decreased weight saves you on shipping and freight charges and are much easier to handle.

  • • Easy to Install, No Concrete, DIY Installation Saves You on Labor Charges

  • Installation is a breeze compared to the competition. There is no concrete or mortar to mix or clean up. Our panels are cut and installed with everyday carpenters tools.

  • • Low Maintenance Durable Weatherproof Polyurethane Stands up to all Weather Conditions

     Polyurethane is a light weight low maintenance alternative to real materials. It can be can be used for interior or exterior applications and is totally weather and mold resistant. It won't crack and crumble like stone and concrete and it doesn't age and rot like wood.




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