Faux Stone and the Native Americans


The Southwestern Native Americans

Native Americans are credited with the first fabrication of faux stone, which was native soil and clay formed into small bricks. They used discarded vegetable matter, such as corn shocks and wheat chafe, to strengthen these bricks, which is commonly referred to as adobe. Because adobe bricks are man made, they are considered the first faux stone. In modern times, the availability and diversity of faux stone has come a long way. Now, many faux stones exists, mimicking every natural stone and texture with every color imaginable. Even entire faux stone panels exist, making it even easier to install a stone-looking wall in your home.

Unique Originals , the manufacturers DekoKast, was one of  the first companies to manufacture and market faux panels and stone veneers to the public for use inside and outside the home. Originally, making your living room or kitchen look like it had stone walls. It has been one of the best selling products for Unique Originals  since its introduction in the early 1980’s and continues to be in demand today.

Currently, Unique Originals and DekoKast.com  manufacture faux stone panels with lifelike replicated textures. You can order stacked stone panels , faux rock panels, and faux brick. Manufactured stone panels can vary greatly in price from one dealer to another, and you must remember the golden rule of retail: You get what you pay for. Replicated, or faux, stone can be just as visually appealing as natural stone, but many of the cheaper products do not have the intricate coloration that natural rock offers. That is why all our panels at DekoKast are hand finished one by one.



Before You Buy

If you are considering using faux stone in any veneer work, then weigh your options carefully and choose a stone panel that will give you the accent you are looking for at a reasonable cost, but do not always go for the cheapest option if you can afford it. In the long run, it is always better to spend the money on a higher quality of panel because it will reward you with many years of durability and good looks.


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