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Dekokast products are used to perfectly simulate the look of natural stone without the high cost and installation hassle. Use our products virtually anywhere natural stone products are used, including: building facades, columns, patios, barbecues, pool/spa areas and other exterior locations; or interior feature walls, fireplace surrounds, rec rooms, offices… and more!

  • very easy to install using only basic carpenter’s tools saving precious labor and project time.
  • extremely lightweight requiring no load-bearing structures, lath or any other expensive installation system dramatically reducing installation costs.
  • exterior-grade durability which makes them resistant to pests, cracking, UV fading, mold and moisture damage.
  • easily cleaned using the same detergents and light pressure-washing equipment used for concrete, so no special cleaners are necessary.


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Dekokast.com products are manufactured by Unique Originals, A leader in resin-based faux decorative elements.


Dekokast Manufactured by Unique Originals

3550 NW 58th Street Miami, Florida 33142

Phone: 305-634-2274

Email: info@dekokast.com


Unique Originals

3550 NW 58th Street Miami, Florida 33142

Phone: 305-634-2274



Unique Originals, is a Florida based corporation founded in 1973. Over the past 40 years we have established ourselves as a pioneer in product development and manufacturing processes using high density resins for a wide range of industries.

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Today, Unique Originals is an established leader providing uniquely designed, high quality Architectural Products, and Spa Panels to the Country's largest and most successful Manufacturers, Interior Designers, Architects, Builders, Store Fronts, and Online Stores.

Now Unique Originals products are available to home owners with our Dekokast.com line of products. We manufacture an elegantly styled collection of architectural panels, moldings and accessories that reproduce the original appearance, texture and beauty of select natural materials.