Faux Brick Panles

The No Mason, No Concrete, No Hassles Brick Paneling



Veneer Brick Paneling With All The Benefits of Real Brick


You can have an artificial brick wall without all the hard work. Enhance the interior or exterior of your home or business with these panels. These thin brick panels can be cut down with common woodworking tools and come in 2 styles and 8 finishes. Accessories are also available to complete any job with a professional finish.




Rustic Brick

A Classic Old World Brick




Contempo Brick

A Clean Modern Brick



Only An Industry Leader Could Separate Themselves From The Pack Like We Do




 We've Been Manufacturing And Supplying Paneling for Over 40 Years


  • • Textured Wall Panels Look and Feel Like Real Stone

  • Our panels are cast from molds that are hand made from real stone. This is a  process we have been perfecting for the past 40 years and it's what gives our panels such and authentic look and feel.

    • Lightweight, Faux Panels are 75% lighter than real stone, Saves you on shipping Charges

  • Polyurethane panels can weigh up to 75% less than some stone. This decreased weight saves you on shipping and freight charges and are much easier to handle.

    • Easy to Install, No Concrete, DIY Installation Saves You on Labor Charges

  • Installation is a breeze compared to the competition. There is no concrete or mortar to mix or clean up. Our panels are cut and installed with everyday carpenters tools.

    • Low Maintenance Durable Weatherproof Polyurethane Stands up to all Weather Conditions

     Polyurethane is a light weight low maintenance alternative to real materials. It can be can be used for interior or exterior applications and is totally weather and mold resistant. It won't crack and crumble like stone and concrete and it doesn't age and rot like wood.




    All The Components You Need For A Professional Finish



    Interlocking Outside Corners

    Use our interlocking outside corners on the most predominate corners of your installation. Outside corners should be used at the begging of your installation run.



    Ledge Trims

    Whenever your installation is not covering the entire wall you'll want to top off the panels with one of our Ledge Trims. These trims sit right on top of the panels and fit right over the top lip of the panel for a professional finish.




    Window Door Trims

    Use our window door trims to frame out windows and doors. You can also use them as a stop when ending your run at a corner that is not wrapping around the corner.



    Wrap Around Trims

    Use our wrap around trims to cover window sills and deep set doors. When our standard ledger and window door trim doesn't suit your needs our wrap around trim will do the trick. Covers up to 7'' deep on the widest side.


    Touch-up Kits

    Our touch-up kits include all the necessary colors to recreate our finishes. Use them when your doing mitered corners and to cover up screws and scratches.




    Construction Glue

    All the glue you need to complete your job comes free with every order.




    Frequently Asked Questions




    Q: Can I See a Panel Before I Buy it?
    Q: What Size are Your Panel Samples?




    Q: Can I See a Panel Before I Buy it?

    A: Yes you can! Just order as many samples as you like. "Order Samples"

    You can also buy a full panel and return it hassle free. "No Hassle Returns"

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    Q: What Size are Your Panel Samples?

    A: The average sample size is 8" X 8" but our samples are cut from actual panels so sizes will very a little.

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    Q: Will I be Able to Install your Panels Myself?

    A: All you need to install our products is basic carpentry skills. The average DIYer with a few tools like a jig saw to cut and a screw gun will be able to handle the instillation.

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    Q: What Tools are Needed to Install These Panels?

    A: All you need to install our products are basic carpentry tools. The same tools you would use for any wood project.

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    Q: What are the Faux Brick and Faux Stone Panels Made of?

    A: Are panels are made of a high density polyurethane foam.

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    Q: Are These Panels Made in China?

    A: No! We manufacture our panels in the USA and have been for almost 45 years. "Learn more about us"

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    Q: Are These Panels Water Proof?

    A: YES! Our panels are waterproof and are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Our stone and brick panels will stand up to all weather conditions.

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    Q: Are These Panels Toxic?

    A: Our panels are non-toxic and safe for both adults and children.

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    Q: Can I Use These Panels in a Kitchen or Bathroom?

    A: Our veneer panels can be used in virtually any room.

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    Q: Can I Install These Panels on a Concrete or Brick Wall?

    A: Yes, the panels can be installed on almost any surface.

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    Q: Can I Use These Panels Under Water?

    A: No, Our panels are not intended to be submerged under water.